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writing entries in english

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  1. today i thought about writing English entries in bol. so foreign readers, who are following bol, worldwide rap and Turkish rap, can read entries in this page.
    alche | ? | 28.5.2020 19:23 ~ 28/05/2020 19:23
  2. why?
    bonoboeinspanzer | ? | 28.5.2020 19:51
  3. so you better to know,

    eminem is the norm ender of the united states
    anti matter | ? | 28.5.2020 19:52
  4. this headline is suitable for 'out of context' section.
    bir rap dinleyicisi | ? | 28.5.2020 19:55
  5. @3 also hit 'em up is the jokzilla of american rap.
    erikli | ? | 28.5.2020 20:16
  6. not a single soul except turks would give a fuck about garbage thing called turkish rap.
    icimizdeki irlandali | ? | 28.5.2020 20:22
  7. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the bol dictionary, real adress of turkish hiphop!

    to be give information about our perfect mcs, i should start with 3 mc.

    1) 1.han: you know chinese people and turks are enemy for ages. this nickname means that he is father of han people so all hans are motherf.... i must not swear, yes. he can rap almost every genres of hiphop. he is a really goat.

    2) 2han: his nickname describes that 1.han and he are really masters of rap. he is the best trapper in turkey, he competes with travis scott. oh no, travis scott competes with him because already he is better, he doesn't need to improve himself. he has a high lyricality, we are proud of him.

    3) selo g: no need talk a lot about him. he is a very old mc and he improves for years. he is a real g. he is "selo g aka flowmaster" with rhytm and lyricality!

    if you'll begin to listen the turkish hiphop, you must begin with these 3 mcs. other turkish mcs are insignificant and unimportant.

    thank you for reading this text. goodbye.
    billymizi diliyor | ? | 15.1.2021 09:28 ~ 15/01/2021 10:22
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